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Biological Dentist Los Angeles

Biological Dentist Los AngelesScience has proven that poor dental health is closely linked to poor overall health. Patients with diabetes may be more likely to suffer from gum disease, dry mouth and oral yeast infections. Those who have advanced gum disease are at a higher risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease, pregnancy complications and cancer. Tooth loss can increase a person’s risk of obesity and dementia. Our goal is to help you enjoy better health by bringing your smile and your body into healthy harmony.

A biological dentist is one who uses overall wellness and holistic treatment methods to improve dental health. Our biological dentist in Los Angeles uses holistic medicine to identify the many parts that make up the whole and treats the various aspects of your body and your health that can affect your dental health.

The initial appointment will begin with a comprehensive evaluation. Our Los Angeles biological dentist will work closely with you to identify any trace elements or other toxins that could be negatively affecting your dental health. We may recommend specific changes to your diet or natural therapies to eliminate these toxins and restore balance and health to your smile.

Los Angeles Biological Dentist

Your smile and your body are intimately connected. Stress, harmful substances, poor nutrition and other factors can trigger imbalances in your body and increase your risk of dental health problems. Our biological dentist in Los Angeles focuses on restoring a healthy balance. We may make recommendations that will rebalance your mind, body, soul and smile. Techniques can include not just dental health treatments but also massage therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, nutrition therapy, herbal supplements, acupuncture and other recommendations.

When dental treatments are necessary, we focus on biocompatible treatments using composite resins and porcelain materials rather than mercury-based fillings. Preventative measures include frequent cleanings and good dental hygiene rather than an increased use of chemicals and potential toxins. We use advanced imaging methods that minimize your exposure to potentially harmful radiation whenever possible.

You can find out more about your options for healthy, holistic biological dentistry by contacting our office today and scheduling an appointment with our Los Angeles biological dentist.