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BondingDental bonding is a fast, extremely affordable way to correct a variety of smile flaws. If you have chips, discolorations, cavities, gaps or exposed roots, our Los Angeles bonding expert may recommend dental bonding as part of your holistic dental health care plan.

Unlike amalgam fillings, dental bonding contains no mercury and is gentle on your body. It can be used to restore decayed teeth without any of the risks that are commonly associated with mercury fillings. Additionally, it matches the color and appearance of your natural dental enamel, so it is a cosmetically appealing restoration as well as a healthy alternative to amalgam.

Dental bonding can also be a good solution to exposed tooth roots. Gum disease, aggressive brushing habits and other factors can result in your tooth’s roots being exposed. Exposed tooth roots can be sensitive or painful, and they can increase your risk of developing other dental health issues. Our expert in bonding in Los Angeles can cover and protect your roots using dental bonding for a holistic solution to this common dental health issue.

Bonding Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles bonding expert can also use dental bonding for cosmetic purposes. It can be used to conceal numerous flaws without the need for more invasive treatments or procedures. Many times, bonding can even be performed without the need for anesthetic.

If you are a candidate for bonding, our expert in bonding in Los Angeles will begin by preparing the tooth with a conditioning liquid that acts as a primer to create a strong bond. The bonding material, a tooth-colored resin, will be applied in thin layers and cured with a special light. Once it has been properly shaped and cured, it will be polished to match the rest of your tooth. You may need to avoid potentially staining substances for the first few days. After that, brush twice a day and floss daily to protect your dental health. Visit us twice a year for cleanings and exams.

Contact our dental office today to learn more about dental bonding or other holistic dental procedures or to schedule an appointment with our biological dentist in Los Angeles.