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BridgesOur Los Angeles bridges expert provides holistic dental care for the loss of one or more teeth. Tooth loss is a serious health issue. One popular solution to tooth loss is a fixed dental bridge. A bridge can replace a lost tooth conveniently and with little time investment. Our dentist has the expertise to improve your smile, health and self-confidence.

A missing tooth or teeth is more than just a matter of an unattractive smile. Missing teeth can also cause additional bone loss and cause the facial skin around the area of tooth loss to loosen, which results in a sunken look around the mouth. Gums that have been exposed due to the gap are more susceptible to infection and gum disease. Missing teeth can cause jaw discomfort and make chewing difficult, and remaining teeth can shift out of alignment. Our expert in bridges in Los Angeles can provide a bridge to replace your tooth or teeth.

Bridges Los Angeles

A dental bridge is designed to bridge the gap between your teeth by using biocompatible materials and durable bonding agents. Our dentist will choose the most appropriate type of bridge based on each client’s individual needs. A bridge provided by our biological dentist in Los Angeles includes a holistic approach that considers the overall health of the client. Only an expert in bridges in Los Angeles can offer the client the best options in materials and procedures for tooth loss and make the most appropriate recommendations for specific needs.

Once our Los Angeles bridges expert determines the most appropriate bridge for your needs, the procedure tends to be fairly quick and simple. Installing a bridge requires the preparation of existing teeth to serve as anchors for the bridge on either side. Bridges may also be installed with an anchor tooth on only one side or using dental implants. Our holistic bridges expert will consider all aspects of the patient’s needs to provide the best outcome for health and cosmetic purposes.

Your smile is important. Our holistic dentist offers the expertise and care to give patients the opportunity for excellent oral health. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment.