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DenturesThe mouth is a gateway to the body, and anything that affects the function or health of your mouth can potentially affect your entire body. Our Los Angeles dentures expert takes a holistic approach to your dental health, which means that the treatments we offer can improve the health of your smile and your body.

If you are missing teeth, you may struggle to maintain a healthy diet. If you are unable to eat a well-balanced diet, your body will not get the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. Missing teeth can also have effects on your social and personal life. You may not feel much like smiling or even speaking, and you may struggle with your self-confidence. Our expert in dentures in Los Angeles understands, and we can help.

Dentures are designed to replace all your teeth. With dentures in place, you will again be able to smile, eat and engage with others exactly how you want. Your nutrition may improve, and you may find your self-confidence is soaring. A consultation with our Los Angeles dentures expert can help you get started. We will evaluate your smile to determine if there are any underlying issues.

Los Angeles Dentures

Dental impressions and dental X-rays may be taken as we create your treatment plan. Traditional dentures are a good solution for many people, but we may recommend implant-supported dentures. Dental implants contribute to whole-smile health by anchoring the restoration firmly into the jawbone. Once there, they stimulate the jawbone and help it stay strong and healthy.

Once your new dentures are ready, our expert in dentures in Los Angeles will check them for fit. You may need a few days or longer to get used to your new smile. We will provide you with recommendations to adjust faster, and we may recommend that you return for a checkup in case your dentures need to be adjusted. Now that you have your new smile, you can keep it looking and feeling great by maintaining good dental hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

Contact our Los Angeles holistic dentist today to learn more or to schedule your dentures consultation.