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ExtractionAdult teeth are considered permanent teeth, but in some cases, dental extractions can be necessary to preserve the health or function of your smile. However, because your body’s health is closely connected with your oral health, an extraction can lead to other health issues. Our Los Angeles extraction expert can perform the procedure in a holistic way that preserves your overall health and reduces the risk of complications.

Our expert in extraction in Los Angeles may recommend a dental extraction if you have:

•    Excessively crowded teeth and are planning orthodontic treatment to align your teeth
•    Impacted teeth, which can increase the risk of damage or decay to adjacent teeth
•    Infection, which can enter the oral cavity through the pulp of the tooth
•    Periodontal disease, which is an infection of the gum tissue and can affect the bones and supporting structures of the teeth

If you are a candidate for a dental extraction, our Los Angeles extraction expert may offer a simple or surgical extraction. A simple extraction is generally used when the crown is visible. If the tooth is impacted or has been broken off at or below the gumline, a surgical extraction may be necessary.

Extraction Los Angeles

You may have a general anesthetic or sedation if you are having a surgical extraction. A simple extraction can be performed using a local anesthetic. Once the area is numb, our expert in extraction in Los Angeles will perform the extraction and will place cotton gauze over the extraction site. This can help stop bleeding. Keep the gauze in place according to instructions and replace it as necessary.


Good dental hygiene is critical after an extraction. You may also need to avoid straws and carbonated beverages, which can dislodge the clot and expose the sensitive tissues at the extraction site. Smoking can also be detrimental to your oral health. Not only can it dislodge the clot but may also delay healing. We may provide you with additional aftercare instructions that focus on your overall health in order to promote healing and reduce your risk of infection.

Contact our Los Angeles biological dentist today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.