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FillingsTeeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or dental trauma should be restored with dental fillings to prevent further damage and to protect the function and health of the tooth. Our Los Angeles fillings expert takes a holistic approach to dental fillings and instead places mercury-free fillings that are both biocompatible and bio-aesthetic for optimal dental and overall health.

Our expert in fillings in Los Angeles places a special focus on a natural, organic approach. We believe that what happens in your mouth can affect your entire body. We use mercury-free fillings that will not threaten your dental or overall health, and we use the recommended protocol to remove old, worn mercury fillings to minimize your exposure. We understand that you may have concerns about exposure to chemicals, certain materials and treatments, which is why our Los Angeles fillings expert will take the time to explore each of your options, explain recommendations thoroughly and answer your questions completely.

Fillings Los Angeles

If you are a candidate for a dental filling, our Los Angeles fillings expert will remove any decayed tissue or the metal filling. The tooth will be carefully cleaned, and a conditioning liquid will be applied before the tooth-colored material is applied in thin layers and bonded securely to the tooth. The result is a filling that looks extremely natural and is completely biocompatible to reduce the risk of reactions or allergies.

You can continue to maintain your dental health by following the recommendations of our expert in fillings in Los Angeles. Brush after meals or at least twice a day, and floss once a day. Biannual dental checkups are crucial to your continued good dental health, but we may recommend more frequent checkups if you have a history of gum disease, tooth decay or certain health problems. We may also recommend dietary adjustments or nutritional supplements that can support your general and smile health.

A bright, healthy smile that contributes to better overall health not only looks great but feels great, too. Contact our Los Angeles biological dentist to learn more about holistic dental care or to schedule your next appointment.