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Holistic Dentist Los Angeles

Our holistic dentist in Los Angeles takes a natural, whole body approach to your dental health needs. We consider how your daily habits can affect your dental health. Many studies have revealed how dental health is closely connected to your overall health. In fact, your mouth can be a window to your whole body, but how you treat your mouth can also affect your body. We offer comprehensive, natural-based dental treatments that involve far more than just your teeth and gums and get to the heart of your dental health problems.

Good nutrition is one of the foundations of your entire body’s health. The right nutrients support overall health as well as your tooth and gum health. We recommend eating a well-balanced diet to help promote healing, eliminate infections and strengthen your teeth. An organic diet with plenty of produce, lean proteins and whole grains can help support your immune system and proper function.

Although mercury fillings are easy to place and considered stable and safe by the FDA, the material is not considered biocompatible and contains known toxins. When restorations are necessary, we recommend the most biocompatible materials possible to reduce potential toxins and the risk of irritation, reactions or complications.

Los Angeles Holistic Dentist

Our Los Angeles holistic dentist places a special emphasis on prevention through natural means. Dental health conditions can have long-lasting effects on other body systems. Gum disease may increase your risk for cardiovascular disease and pregnancy complications while tooth loss can increase your risk for dementia. Additionally, certain dental materials or infections can contain toxins that harm your health. Our holistic dentist in Los Angeles offers a range of supportive therapies that promote not just your dental health but also the health of your entire body.

We sterilize equipment without using toxic chemicals, and we minimize the harmful effects of radiation through digital imaging whenever possible. We work closely with other health professionals whenever possible to provide more comprehensive holistic care and ensure a safer, more effective experience.

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