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Root Canal

Root CanalSeverely damaged or decayed teeth can threaten the health of the surrounding teeth, gums and bone tissue. In the past, extraction was the only alternative to protect dental health when a serious infection was present, but extraction has its own risks and drawbacks. Our Los Angeles root canal expert offers an alternative: root canal therapy.

Root canal treatments can help save the structure and function of a tooth in situations where the tooth might otherwise be at risk of extraction. By removing only the infected or damaged tissues of the inner tooth, we are able to offer a more holistic approach that can preserve the tooth itself and reduce or eliminate the risks that are often associated with the more invasive dental extraction procedure.

If you are a candidate for a root canal treatment, our expert in root canal in Los Angeles will begin by taking images of the area. We use the safest possible equipment to ensure your health and technologically advanced procedures to minimize the risk. Our Los Angeles root canal expert will then numb the affected area and isolate the affected tooth using a dental dam. This reduces the risk of contamination during the treatment process.

Root Canal Los Angeles

The inner chambers of the tooth will then be cleaned of all infection using special tools. The tooth will be carefully disinfected to ensure no bacteria or diseased tissues are left behind, and then our expert in root canal in Los Angeles will apply a special medication and material that will seal the roots off. A temporary filling will be placed until the porcelain crown is ready. We recommend porcelain for its biocompatible properties and its cosmetic appeal. The porcelain crown will be placed at your next appointment and will protect, strengthen and restore your treated tooth.

Because we take a holistic approach to your dental health, our dentist may recommend certain treatments or aftercare to promote healing and reduce the risk of complications. We will explore your options and answer any questions you have at your consultation.

Contact our Los Angeles holistic dentist today to learn more or to schedule your appointment.